Have You Been Attacked By a Pet?

Get the owner to pay with help from a dog bite attorney in Tuscaloosa, AL

Animals are sometimes unpredictable, especially when they feel threatened, challenged or scared. Your neighbor's seemingly gentle mastiff or your friend's dalmatian could attack you and leave behind major damage.

You'll need representation from a renowned dog bite attorney from The Law Offices of Attorney Al Jones & Associates, P.C. in Tuscaloosa, AL. First, you'll get a free personal injury law claims consultation. One of our attorneys will assess your situation and explain your options. We'll fight for the compensation you deserve.

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Legal services custom to your situation

Legal services custom to your situation

Not every situation is as straightforward as it appears. A dog bite attorney from our team will consider a variety of factors when building your case. You may be asked questions about:

  • Where you were attacked
  • Where the owner of the dog was
  • The time of day the incident occurred

We'll gather evidence using these questions and more to improve your personal injury law case. Meet with a well-qualified personal injury attorney from The Law Offices of Attorney Al Jones & Associates in Tuscaloosa, AL today.